Hotel Tobaco
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Arrival 24 April' 18
Departure 25 April' 18

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Hotel Tobaco, as well as whole rewitalized Tobaco Park, originates in XIX century.

One of manufacturers of Łódź- Karol Kretschmer- created here a wool factory. Kopernika Street (in those days its name was Milscha Street) was a perfect place for creating modern spinning. Short way off, new train station- Łódź Kaliska- was occurring. Factory was increasing and, in the best days, there were more than 300 employees.

Kretschmer's factory worked until I WW.

After 1945 whole area has been converted into Tobacco and Cigarettes Factory (Fabryka Tytoniu i Papierosów) which has been working until the end XX century. Brands which was produced here were: Płaskie, Egipskie and Popularne. It was one of the biggest factories in Poland, known as Państwowy Monopol Państwowy (State Tobacco Monopoly).

Nowadays, modern buidling is a part of residential and commercial area- Tobaco Park.

Tobaco in Łódź is one of the newest hotel investment of Arche Sp. z o.o. which was open in May 2013. Arche Sp. z o.o. is a developer with 25 years of experience. It is known for other revitalization and transformation old buildings into entertaining properties. Arche Sp. z o.o. is the owner of hotels across the country- Pałac Łochów (Łochów Palace), Pałac Sieniawa (Sieniawa Palace) and newly opened Zamek Biskupi (Bishop's Castle) in Janów Podlaski.

Other hotels are: Hotel Puławska Residence in Warsaw, Hotel Arche in Siedlce and hotel apartaments in Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw. Arche Sp. z o.o. is going to open following properties in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Lublin.

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